Entropica Labs and Atom Computing announce strategic partnership

Entropica Labs
3 min readJun 22, 2023

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Atom Computing. This partnership establishes a framework for our teams to collaborate more closely and make significant progress in creating commercially useful quantum computing solutions.

Atom and Entropica will explore opportunities to work together in areas such as joint experimentation and research and ensure the integration of our quantum software and hardware technologies to enable useful large-scale quantum computations. By combining our expertise, knowledge and resources, we aim to enhance the capabilities and impact of our work in providing the relevant tools to support the rapid advancements in this field.

“At Entropica, we firmly believe that the full potential of quantum computing can only be realised through the development of large-scale, error-corrected quantum computers.” Entropica Labs CEO Tommaso Demarie commented, “That is why we are thrilled to collaborate with the Atom team, who have decades of experience in controlling neutral atoms for quantum information processing and are dedicated to building massively scalable quantum computers. Together we strive to enhance the quality of quantum computations and provide developers and customers with the hardware and software tools they need to experiment with this technology.”

Our vision is to generate a wave of scientific discoveries and technological innovation with quantum computing. We are committed to building collaborative and productive partnerships that will enable us to accelerate the growth and development of the quantum ecosystem, making quantum computing more accessible to market players and its users. “Entropica has established itself as a global leader in the development of quantum software and use of quantum computers to tackle real-world problems for customers and collaborators,” said Atom Computing CEO Rob Hays, “The Entropica team has helped establish Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region as an important — and growing — quantum ecosystem. We are excited to partner with them to develop solutions using our atomic array quantum computing hardware.”

With our Partners at Atom, we are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will create and look forward to achieving our established common goals towards useful quantum computing.

Entropica Labs is a team of technology optimists who believe in the inevitable impact of quantum computing and its transformative potential for the world. We build software tools to enhance quantum hardware and accelerate the arrival of fault-tolerant quantum computing. With hundreds of hours of experience running computations on real quantum hardware, we have extensive knowledge of their current capabilities, limitations, and visibility on what is required to enable useful, large-scale quantum computations. Our website is entropicalabs.com, and you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Atom Computing is building scalable quantum computers with atomic arrays of optically trapped neutral atoms. We collaborate with researchers, organisations, governments, and companies to help develop quantum-enabled tools, solutions, and support the growing global ecosystem. Learn more at atom-computing.com, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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