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Featuring Entropica Labs’ Business Development Interns!

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has disrupted many studies and internship plans. At Entropica Labs, we are lucky to be in a position to support local students by offering them technical and non-technical summer internship opportunities in the exciting, emerging field of Quantum Computing! This medium post features our three business development interns and their pathways towards interning at Entropica Labs. We hope that this article will be a helpful resource for students who are keen to learn more about career opportunities in quantum computing!

The dream BD team!

Olivia, Computer Science @Stanford’24

My path started while I was working on projects in machine learning and natural language processing.

In the process of reading and learning, I stumbled upon an article with a typical clickbait title along the lines of “This technology will change AI forever”. Though sceptical, I started to read and was quite surprised by the result. I had not heard of quantum computing until then, and at that point my understanding of quantum physics was elementary at best.

Nevertheless, I was fascinated by the idea of exponential growth in computing power due to these mysterious qubits with probabilistic properties. I fell through the wormhole linking AI to quantum computing and contacted researchers at NUS’s Centre for Quantum Technologies to learn more about the field. I am very grateful to the professors and postgraduates for their guidance as I engaged with their discussions and research. Those encounters deepened my understanding of quantum computation, quantum algorithms and quantum key distribution.

Working at Entropica Labs has been a great learning experience so far. I am grateful I have been able to combine my interests in quantum computing and AI while learning to look at the field through an entrepreneurial lens.

True, we might not quite be able to “change AI forever” at this phase. And yet, it is incredibly inspiring to witness entrepreneurs, researchers and developers working together to turn this idea into reality. The nature of this nascent industry opens up numerous possibilities for innovation, and I am excited to see how it evolves in the next few years.

Alexandrine, Medical Science @University of Exeter’22

After my first year of Medical Sciences at University in 2018, I eagerly searched for a biology-related internship that summer. I chanced across a post by Entropica Labs, who at the time was looking into quantum applications in genetics. Intrigued by the sci-fi sounding combination of a “Quantum Computing Company” looking for a “genomics intern”, I visited their website.

Keep in mind — this was the first time I’d heard of quantum computing! Alas, they were not in fact a secret alien lab looking to study the human genome to splice our strongest genes to fortify their crops on Mars, but what I did learn was just as impressive. I was immediately fascinated by the idea that this technology could push frontiers in biological sciences.

Since my initial encounter with quantum computing, I have learned that this technology holds the potential to impact sectors far beyond biology. Entropica has since recalibrated its scopes and focuses now on creating an enabling software layer to make quantum hardware usable and useful. Still, its naissance in biology exemplifies the vast reach this technology has.

Two years later, I have joined Entropica again for a second internship, now in business development. I continue to learn daily with this team and am challenged to think deeply. I love working in a dynamic startup environment and am excited to continue to work to bring quantum computing to the public.

Shermaine, Biomedical Engineering @National University of Singapore’20

I am currently a final year biomedical engineering student at NUS. My journey into the tech industry started while I was interning at a big pharma company. The CEO of the big pharma company was coincidentally in Singapore during my internship period, and he organised a talk for all the employees. The excitement that the CEO had for the potential of big data and artificial intelligence to revolutionalise Pharma was what got me more interested in the Tech industry.

Subsequently, I decided to join AWS for an internship to learn more about the tech ecosystem. While interning at this big tech company, I began to see the importance of startups in the whole business environment. Just as I was nearing the end of my stint at the big tech company, Google released an announcement. The report confirmed its ‘quantum supremacy’ breakthrough, which made the emerging field of quantum computing all the more fascinating to me.

Thus, I was actually quite excited to join Entropica Labs as a Business Development intern as the opportunity to work in an early-stage quantum computing startup is hard to come by!

That’s all for this Business Development intern feature! Stay tuned to hear more about interning as a technical intern at Entropica Labs!

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